#OWS – define terms

Prelude to the OWS series –

I find that people start conversations not understanding terms they use to help frame their arguments.

Besides advocating collective or governmental ownership, socialism is a bad word in America.  The idea that people came to America to be free only to end up having the government take their money and make choices for them seems completely counter productive to the risk immigrants took in getting to America.

Most of the time Americans claim capitalism as the form of economic system that goes with the US democracy.  Even though we haven’t really had a pure capitalist system anywhere in the world the US has come the closest in certain industries for very brief periods of time.  It is always a matter of time till the government regulates the free out of a free market.

Once the government establishes rule of law between citizens and the courts by which the laws are enforced the government has done all it needs to do to create the free market.  At that moment people can enter into contracts with each other to trade.  Problem is when a market gets popular or too profitable the governments gets greedy and wants to regulate it in order to get it’s piece of the market.  It often does so without adding value to the transaction.

Liberal comes from the word liberty which is synonymous with freedom.  Somehow in American politics liberal came to mean socialist, do-gooder and naive.

Liberal is the ideology of the founders of this country.  They didn’t want anything close to socialism.  They wrote the constitution to tell the citizens all the things the government couldn’t do.  They intended for the government to have all the limitations in order to maximize the citizen’s individual freedom.

Conservative is a very unusual description for politics especially for the current political field in the US.  The preservation of the US is the preservation of the constitution and the tradition that is america is derived from the constitutional foundation.

Today being conservative is too closely linked to being republican and republican is associated to the police state, moral superiority from christian ideology, corporate welfare and war mongering.

Progressive or progressism seems like the most misused term in the US as a way to describe one’s political agenda.

Everyone knows what progress is and ironically a progressive is someone who wants regressive policies which are based in socialist tendencies.  Like healthcare for all, free money and as many entitlements as the population can afford.  How is this progress to think anyone in the US should be limited to what the government can provide.  We are meant to be free people.  Free as in unlimited not free as in hand out.  Throughout the world there has been government suppression for centuries where people took what they were given and didn’t have the right to complain.  In the US the citizens have been given full control over their lives and the progressives think it is progress to give up your freedom and wait around for the government to hand out the cheese, bandaids and jobs.  The US IS progress of which the world hasn’t ever seen before and hasn’t seen since.

Communism is not synonymous with socialism.  In socialism you might not work or get paid and you might get paid for sitting on your ass.  In communism you are guaranteed a job and guaranteed pay.  If you can’t work you are completely useless to the community you work for and thus you are a drain.   This sort of uselessness has no place in communism which is why I don’t think Russia was completely communist and never made it past socialism.  In a socialist system you have a class system.  In communism everyone is the same.  Communism is good in theory but doesn’t work out because it is human nature to compete and differentiate from your neighbors.  We have a need to be special or at least believe we should have a chance to seem special.  Communism doesn’t care or favor standing out or being exceptional.  Except for the smallest village communism probably hasn’t existed in it’s true form, I think that is what it has in common with capitalism.