#OWS – markets and currency

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A currency backed by gold and silver is what is called for in the constitution and that constitution was what the founders fought for.  The founders rose up against the greatest military force in the world at the time, risked their lives and the lives of everyone who supported their crazy dream of having a government and land based in the principal of freedom.  That alone should cause anyone who apposes the ideals of the founders to be branded un-American.  Have you risked the same to challenge the founder’s declaration and constitution?

Let’s say we are going to start our own government right now with our own monetary system.  First we elect the government then we take a look at what the population is and decide how much money to print up on our special paper that no one else has access to besides our new government.  Our government will eventually hand out [ all the money to the population and the free market allows people to quickly start trading and determining what is fair value for everything.  In this example we don’t trade with outside governments since the people produce all that is needed for our population.

In a very rare circumstance we would need to print up more money to keep up with the population growth or we might get deflation where the money doesn’t keep up with production and causes things to lose value.  For all the products that people use to totally and completely be over-produced all at the same time would be very difficult for a decentralized free market to do.  More realistically one or two products could be over-produced and lose value for a time and the producer of that product would have to diversify by producing something else or shut down that business because of market saturation.  Similarly, the business who produced PVC to make vinyl records needed to find a way to adjust to the new CD market in the 1980s.

But for this example we are going to pretend all products ever produced all at once became over-produced and our government needs to print more money to keep up.  The elected representatives with the special paper just start printing money.  Wait a minute.  How do we know how much money to print?  Is it based on apples or some other tangible asset? Is it based on the current population?  If we print too much money we will reverse the problem and have cheap money and expensive goods.  You see the balancing act the government is getting into.  Good thing the government answers to the people because if these idiots do the wrong thing we’ll just vote them out and get people in who understand how to manage the money supply.

Based on this hypothetical you can see that money might need to fluctuate from time to time and that is a big maybe.  It isn’t that big of a problem unless an exaggerated amount of goods or money is pumped into the system to distort the value of things.  You can also see that even if people in government make mistakes those mistakes will be corrected by us electing other people to office to help get bad monetary policy under control.

In our little example you can probably see that if some other entity other than our government had control over the printing of our money the people wouldn’t have control of their monetary system.  They wouldn’t be able to hold the government accountable for the imbalances in goods and money.  It doesn’t make any sense but let’s pretend the the government outsourced the printing of money to a printing company formed by a small group among the people and the way this printing company made it’s money would be to charge interest on every dollar printed for the government.  As I stated above, this wouldn’t make any sense.  Not only that but the printing company doesn’t have some special insight into the population without getting their information from the government.  Who knows the population better than the government who were elected by the people?  The government has the relationship with all the people in the land by way of elections.  How can a printing company know how much money to supply the population better than the government?

The answer is obvious; no printing company can know what is best for the population because they don’t have that relationship.  Further to that the people have no direct influence over the printing company because the printing company is a private company and by definition the public has no right to meddle with the business of a private company.  The obvious point against outsourcing the printing of money is obvious:

What will stop the printing company if the money they print is directly proportional to the profit they earn?

Expand that out to the banking sector in general.  If they make money from creating debt why wouldn’t they create as much debt as possible by making it as easy as possible to issue credit cards and loans?

Fast forward to today where it is now profitable to flood the market with opportunities to go into debt so the debt would become so great the occasional bankruptcy is negligible.  The banks adopted the Costco and Walmart business model for dealing debt.  You don’t make dollars from selling products, you make dollars from the pennies on the volume of product sold.

The US went from a nation of factories and mills in the early part of the 20th century to a nation that turned the process to buy things into the factory.  So what really happened is instead of products being produced here, people with greater purchasing power started being produced in the US. The people are the products that the US government is selling to other countries so that those other countries can make products and goods in their factories and mills.

This is a crucial point:  The US doesn’t produce anything and what is produced is traded at a huge deficit.  Meaning, they sell us much more than we sell them.  We the people are used to go into debt to keep other countries producing.

#OWS – capitalism

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The only reason a business exists is to create wealth.  It creates wealth first for the customers because if the customers weren’t entirely benefited from the product or service, that business wouldn’t have customers.  It creates wealth for as many people as are able to be employed with that business for years and years.  It creates wealth for the share holders since these people are risking their money to allow the business to have operating capital which helps get and keep employees who make decisions about how good a company they are going to have.

The biggest problem with people favoring the government so easily is that those people are ignorant to the cost of doing business.  This is understandable since the majority of people don’t start businesses.  Most people just go to work, do their work and leave.  Never knowing all the costs and charges that go on behind the scenes to support their job.

Before you rent a space the government has regulations about what a building should look like before it is suitable to be rented.  There are commercial codes to make the place ‘safe’ and environmental standards.  Even if they don’t make the place safe they add to the cost of rent because the landlord will definitely be passing on those costs onto the business in higher rent.  Depending on the business you have you will be charged a business license fee, then you will be taxed by the city based on your profit to maintain that business license, you will be taxed by the state on your profit and you will be taxed by the federal government all on that same profit.  Then if you have employees you will be taxed for each employee and each employee will be taxed on that same money.  Then you will pay the local government your sales tax that you have been collecting on their behalf.  Depending on your type of business numerous insurance costs are in your future.  Insure the building, insure the products, insure the employees. Don’t forget about legal liability costs, unemployment costs and other built-in government programs that come along with hiring people.  Each time we have to pay something or do something that isn’t involved in getting or keeping customers it is unproductive and by default is a money loser for the business.

It reminds me of the movie ‘Goodfellas’ when the club owner asks Paulie to be his silent partner and no matter what you will pay that silent partner.  [play movie sound]  The government benefits with you on your way to prosperity and goes def, dumb and blind when you fail unless you still owe a tax while you crashed your business.

The fees that are paid to government can be argued important or not on a fee by fee basis.  The best way to argue for a fee is pointing out where it adds value to something.  The government isn’t valuable besides what value it creates for the people it governs which is why government always frames their excuse for the fees by suggesting it is making things safe for the people.

There are more fees that simply feed government than can reasonably be argued that such fees are for a common good.  The resistance to fees is usually a failure of the payor to have value for the service, safety or protection the government says the payor is getting for the fee.  Which can also be stated as the government doesn’t provide valuable services for the fees it charges

Two things can solve this problem; either the government gets more honest and only charges for the value based fees or drops the fees in general to where a business doesn’t feel such a burden.  Unfortunately the government is a monopoly unless you’re a really good business.  If a business has enough money the world becomes your market and in that case you can choose any government in the world to do business.  Just like we chose where to rent based on price and location the business that makes enough money can choose which government to deal with.

Remember, a business’s only function is to create wealth.  The people who start those businesses have many different reasons to start. Some people just want money so they exploit a market.  Some people want change or to start a revolution.  A business allows these things to be everlasting.

Capitalism makes the most sense for the people who want the most freedom because the indicator for how much money a company makes is directly proportionate to how many people freely choose to buy that company’s products.  Therefore, the companies with the most money have given their customers the most wealth and enriched their lives.  If it didn’t create wealth or enrich customers why would they buy?  There isn’t any force by the government to buy one thing over another.  It would cease to be a ‘free’ market in that case.  once the government forces anyone to buy anything the free market is contaminated and is no longer a free system.  Similarly, if a government favors a business by giving them money the free market is undermined.  There is a bigger point here which I will make in a following post; that is government doesn’t really have any money.

Which brings me to my last point;  there are two types of monetary distribution systems.  One is based in freedom and the other is based in slavery.  One is by an individual buying something they find value in and the other is by government forcing an individual to surrender their income, taking from them the direct influence where it is spent.

#OWS – define terms

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I find that people start conversations not understanding terms they use to help frame their arguments.

Besides advocating collective or governmental ownership, socialism is a bad word in America.  The idea that people came to America to be free only to end up having the government take their money and make choices for them seems completely counter productive to the risk immigrants took in getting to America.

Most of the time Americans claim capitalism as the form of economic system that goes with the US democracy.  Even though we haven’t really had a pure capitalist system anywhere in the world the US has come the closest in certain industries for very brief periods of time.  It is always a matter of time till the government regulates the free out of a free market.

Once the government establishes rule of law between citizens and the courts by which the laws are enforced the government has done all it needs to do to create the free market.  At that moment people can enter into contracts with each other to trade.  Problem is when a market gets popular or too profitable the governments gets greedy and wants to regulate it in order to get it’s piece of the market.  It often does so without adding value to the transaction.

Liberal comes from the word liberty which is synonymous with freedom.  Somehow in American politics liberal came to mean socialist, do-gooder and naive.

Liberal is the ideology of the founders of this country.  They didn’t want anything close to socialism.  They wrote the constitution to tell the citizens all the things the government couldn’t do.  They intended for the government to have all the limitations in order to maximize the citizen’s individual freedom.

Conservative is a very unusual description for politics especially for the current political field in the US.  The preservation of the US is the preservation of the constitution and the tradition that is america is derived from the constitutional foundation.

Today being conservative is too closely linked to being republican and republican is associated to the police state, moral superiority from christian ideology, corporate welfare and war mongering.

Progressive or progressism seems like the most misused term in the US as a way to describe one’s political agenda.

Everyone knows what progress is and ironically a progressive is someone who wants regressive policies which are based in socialist tendencies.  Like healthcare for all, free money and as many entitlements as the population can afford.  How is this progress to think anyone in the US should be limited to what the government can provide.  We are meant to be free people.  Free as in unlimited not free as in hand out.  Throughout the world there has been government suppression for centuries where people took what they were given and didn’t have the right to complain.  In the US the citizens have been given full control over their lives and the progressives think it is progress to give up your freedom and wait around for the government to hand out the cheese, bandaids and jobs.  The US IS progress of which the world hasn’t ever seen before and hasn’t seen since.

Communism is not synonymous with socialism.  In socialism you might not work or get paid and you might get paid for sitting on your ass.  In communism you are guaranteed a job and guaranteed pay.  If you can’t work you are completely useless to the community you work for and thus you are a drain.   This sort of uselessness has no place in communism which is why I don’t think Russia was completely communist and never made it past socialism.  In a socialist system you have a class system.  In communism everyone is the same.  Communism is good in theory but doesn’t work out because it is human nature to compete and differentiate from your neighbors.  We have a need to be special or at least believe we should have a chance to seem special.  Communism doesn’t care or favor standing out or being exceptional.  Except for the smallest village communism probably hasn’t existed in it’s true form, I think that is what it has in common with capitalism.

9-11 Questions



1. Why didn’t jets intercept the airliners since they had numerous warnings of terrorist attacks?
2. Why did Ashcroft stop flying commercial, citing an unidentified “threat” in July 2001?
3. Why were there no photos or videos of the Pentagon plane?
4. Why didn’t the Secret Service hustle Dubya out of the classroom?
5. Where was George H. W. Bush at the time of the attacks?
6. Why did passengers or crewmembers on three of the flights all use the term box cutters?
7. Where are the flight recorders?
8. Why were the FISA warrants discontinued?
9. How did Bush see the first plane crash on live camera?
10. Why was a security meeting scheduled for 9/11cancelled by WTC management on 9/10?
11. How did they come up with the “culprits” so quickly?
12. How did they find the terrorist’s cars at the airports so quickly?
13. Why did Shrub dissolve the Bin Laden Task Force?
14. Why the strange pattern of debris from Flight 93?
15. Why was no plane seen at the Pentagon?
16. How extensive was the relationship between the Taliban, the ISI and the CIA?
17. What exactly was the role of Henry Kissinger at UNOCAL?
18. When was it decided to cancel building a pipeline from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan to Pakistan?
19. When was the decision made to send the FEMA to New York?
20. Why did FEMA spokesman Tom Kenney tell Dan Rather he was in New York on Sept. 10?
21. Why did the FBI in 1996 close the files to investigate Osama bin Laden’s relatives in Washington?
22. Why did .Bush stop inquiries into terrorist connections of the Bin Laden family in early 2001?
23. Who made the decision to have John O’Neill stop investigating Al-ceada accounts?
24. Who gave the decision to give him a security job at the World Trade Center?
25. Did John O’Neill meet anyone of the FEMA in the night of September 10th?
26. What about media reports that hijackers bought tickets for flights scheduled after Sept. 11?
27. Why did none of the 19 hijackers appeared on the passenger lists?
28. Why would devout Muslims frequent bars, drink alcoholic beverages and leave their bibles?
29. Why would the hijackers use credit cards and allow drivers licenses with photos to be zeroxed?
30. Why did the hijackers force passengers to call relatives?
31. How did the hijackers change the flight plan without law enforcement or the military try to stop them?
32. Which hijacker’s passport was found in the WTC rubble? Who found it and what time?
33. How could the FBI distinguish between “regular” Muslims and hijacker Muslims on those flights?
34. Why was there not one “innocent” Muslim on board any of these flights?
35. Did someone go through the passenger lists looking for Muslim names and label them as hijackers?


36. Did the Florida police provide information that Atta was searched because of 1) an expired Visa, 2) driving a car without a license, 3) because of an incident at Miami Airport?
37. Why did Atta leave his bag at the airport and the employees didn’t put it on board?
38. Who found his bag? How can we be sure it was his bag?
39. Why did Atta place a video “how to fly planes”, a uniform and his last will into his bag, knowing that he would commit suicide?
40. Why did Atta leave his drivers license in a rental car?
41. When did Atta train on a flight simulator?
42. Did Atta leave the US while in training and then return?
43. Why did Atta decide to study at Opa Locka, a famous hub of 6 Navy training bases and includes government partners like U.S. Coast Guard Air Station, Police (Miami-Dade) Aviation Unit?
44. Why was Atta allowed to study since he was stopped by the police for driving without a license and also for violating his visa?


45. Why were the Black Boxes never recovered?
46. Why didn’t the FBI release the air traffic controller’s protocols?
47. Why did the FBI not release the Flight Data Recorder info?
48. Who video-recorded the first plane hitting the tower? Why did he disappear from the media?


49. How did the FBI receive a tip from a passenger who boarded a different plane and reached his destination safely that he had a confrontation with two ME men at the Logan airport in Boston?
50. Who tipped the FBI to storm the Westin Hotel in Boston on September 12th?
51. Where did the photos of all 19 hijackers come from?
52. How were all hijackers identified just 2 days after the attack?
53. Why did all 19 names not appear on the passenger list 2 days after the hijacker list was released?
54. Why do none of the names appear on the passenger lists UA and AA gave to CNN?
55. How could the hijackers disable the defense systems?
56. Why did the FBI ignore Bin Laden’s family, who left the United States without further investigation?
57. What about the supposed hijackers who are still alive?
58. Was there a reason to change the list of the original 19 hijackers?
59. What happened to Ayub Ali Khan and Mohammed Jaweed Azmath, who have been in jail since September 2001, because of possession of box cutters on a train? Who gave the tip to arrest them?
60. Why did it take 4 months before Ramsi Binalschibhs name was mentioned, since he was a good friend of Mohammad Atta and lived in his apartment in Hamburg?
61. Why did it take 4 months until December 11 to charge Zacarias Moussaoui for the 9/11 attacks when his case was known worldwide for months, but not mentioned in the American media?
62. Whatever happened with Lotfi Raissi, who was arrested in UK for teaching the terrorist pilots?
63. What is the current status of the investigation of Mamoun Darkazanli Import-Export-Company in Hamburg and Al Taqwa Management Organization in Lugano?
64. Why was Richard Reid able to enter the Paris airport twice and who paid for his hotel?
65. Who hired Zacarias Mouassoui to learn how to fly passenger jets in the United States?
66. Why did the FBI or CIA fail to interrogate him between August and December 2001?


67. Did the CIA monitor Bin Laden in 1998 with the help of 15 Afghan agents, paid $1,000/ month?
68. Where are these agents? Was Johnny “Mike” Spann one? Was John Walker Lindh one?
69. Is an Afghan agent a member of the ISI? Is an Afghan agent working for Bin Laden?
70. When was the first time Tenet mentioned the Al-Qaeda group to any member of the Senate?
71. Why did the Pentagon release a new video version or translation of the Bin Laden Home video?
72. Why it was released only 8 hours after translation by the German magazine MONITOR on December?
73. Why were the four translators prior US-Government workers?
74. When was the Bin Laden Home Video found and who found it?
75. Who found the video if Northern Alliance and US troops had not yet arrived in Kandahar or Jahalabad?
76. Does the timestamp on the Bin Laden video indicate that it was found two weeks after it was produced?
77. Why was the public not informed who found the video and when?
78. Why according to MONITOR magazine, were the most controversial statements translated incorrectly?
79. Why was the video released?
80. Who gave the final decision to release it?
81. Why is the Bin Laden video of June 2001 in which he praised the attack, available on the Internet?
82. What about Bin Laden’s statements on Al-Jazeera in June 2001 about the bombing of USS Cole, which are similar to the statements on the November 2001 home video?
83. Why did Bin Laden state in Umman Magazine in Sept. 2001, that he was not involved in the WTC?
84. Is Bin Laden still on the payroll of the CIA or ISI?
85. Did the Bin Laden Group Inc. help build Tora Bora with the CIA?
86. What was the purpose of the meeting with General Pervez Musharraf in May 2001?
87. Why was a statement released that Al-Khalifa bin Laden, who is not the mother of Bin Laden, had a telephone call with Bin Laden on September 9, rather than Alia Ghanem, his mother? Why did Alia Ghanem say she did not believe he planned the attack?


88. What happened on September 18th, when an employee of Batelle Memorial Institute was involved in a so-called anthrax hoax on that day? Was he arrested?
90. Why did the investigation of that case begin in December 2001?
91. What was in the memo of Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a public health consumer advocate and author of “Death in the Air” on October 1, 2001, almost two weeks before the first anthrax letter was sent from Trenton to the American media building in Boca Raton?
92. What about his letter of Nov. 13 in which he claimed that BAYER is behind the anthrax infections?
93. Did US BioDefense laboratories send the anthrax-laced letters to get a new budget for research?
94. What about the statement of former UN-weapons inspector of Iraq, Richard Spertzel, who told ABC, “…he knows only five scientists in the USA who would be in the situation to produce such a fine, highly developed spore material”?
95. Why did it take 48 hours to inform Bob Stevens that he had anthrax?
96. Why were envelopes never found near Bob Stevens, Amelie Lundgren and Mia Nguyen?
97. How come Microsoft got a hoax anthrax letter from Malaysia on the same day that President Bush said Malaysia might be one of the next targets of the United States?
98. Why did the FBI never investigate the case Don Wiley, a Bioscientist who disappeared 11/13/01?
99. Why did the FBI begin to investigate after his body was found on December 22, 300 miles away?
100. Was there an investigation at the military hydro plant where workers found him?
101. Why did the media write different versions about how, when and where he was found?
102. Why did the police report change 2 months later from suicide to an accident?
103. What was the goal of Bioport in 1997?
104. Did development of anti-anthrax vaccines begin in 1998?
105. When did Bioport decide to produce anthrax vaccines?
106. Was it before or after Sept. 1998 that Admiral Crowe was put in charge of investigations of the August 7, 1998 bombings of Embassy Nairobi and Embassy Dar Es Salaam?
107. Did the schedule for developing anti-anthrax vaccines begin starting in 1998?
108. When did the US Government ask Bayer for help in developing a vaccine?
109. When did Bayer start sending the vaccines to the U.S.?
110. When did Bayer double production of the vaccines?
111. Was the death of Vladimir Pasechnik investigated? He was former director of the Institute of Ultra Pure Biochemical Preparations of the Soviet bio-warfare establishment Biopreparat in November 2001?
112. How are the deaths of scientists Robert M. Schwartz, Dr. Benito Que and Set Van Nguyen explained since all occurred in the same month? Is Set van Nguyen related to the anthrax victim Mia Nguyen?
113. What about the death of Nancy Sonnenfeld (FEMA-Wife)?
114. Why was the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife examining Anthrax in August 2000?
115. Do any employees in Trenton have the same handwriting as printed on the Anthrax envelopes?
116. Is it just a coincidence that the laboratory is also based in Trenton?
117. Did the FBI ever ask Fort Detrick to examine anthrax spores?
118. What about the list of 15-20 labs (maintained by Barbara Rosenzweig) who used Fort Detrick spores?
119. Does the CIA have spores different from those at Fort Detrick?
120. Why did Tommy Thompson, The Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, and other Bush cabinet members meet secretly (i.e. illegally) in Oct. 2001 with officials of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) to develop plans for their Emergency Preparedness Task Force?
121. Why did he decide on October 25, 2001 to ask Congress for another $500 million to produce Acambis’s smallpox vaccine?
122. Why did it take 4.5 hours until Jean Marie Malecki, Director Palm Beach County Health Department, picked up the phone for employees of the AMI-Building, Boca Raton. This is where editor Bob Stevens got anthrax. Why did she wait two days before she visited that building again?
123. Did Walter Gilbert, Director Myriad Genetics ever get official permission from relatives of those killed at WTC to examine their DNA?


124. Why did General Mahmud Ahmad, former head of the ISI quit his position?
125. Why did retaliation against the Taliban begin the day he stepped down?
126. Who in the ISI paid $100.000 to Mohammad Atta?
127. Why does Ahmad think that another secret service was involved in the WTC attack?
128. Which Secret Service was he referring to?
129. Did other ISI official’s believe that?
130. Did officials of the CIA believe that?
131. Did some officials of the Mossad believe that?
132. What was the purpose of Ahmad’s visit to Washington on 9/11?
133. Who told Russian Foreign Minister Ivanov to abort an air strike against Afghanistan in May 2000?
134. Did Russian intelligence notify the CIA in 2001 that 25 terrorist pilots had been training for suicide missions, as reported in the Russian press?


1. What did Kissinger mean that an “outside threat from beyond”, a “world government” and “individual rights” who are “willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted”, what you mentioned in 1991 on a Bilderberg Conference?
2. What was his role at UNOCAL?
3. Is he in contact with representatives of these companies or institutions:
4. What did he discuss at the Bilderberg meeting last year in May 2001?
5. What was the purpose of his meeting with Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov in July 2001?
6. Why does he write in “Toward a New Diplomacy for the 21st Century” that America doesn’t need a Foreign Policy?
7. When was the last time Henry Kissinger met US-Ambassador in Pakistan, Robert Oakley?


1. Is it true that the CIA is in possession of PROMIS software?
2. What is the purpose of PROMIS?
3. Did A.B. “Buzzy” Krongard, CIA, own any stocks of United Airlines, American Airlines, Merrill Lynch,
4. Morgan Stanley, AXA Re (insurance) which owns 25% of American Airlines, and Munich Re.?
5. What is his connection to Alex Brown, Deutsche Bank?
6. Did he give any insider information about to George Tenet, CIA?
7. Who was the investor who purchased 2,000 UAL put options between August and September 11, 2001?
8. Did Deutsche Bank-Alex Brown own any stocks of UA, AA, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, AXA Re (insurance) which owns 25% of American Airlines, and Munich Re?
9. What about the 2,500 UA-contracts which were “split into 500 chunks each, directing each order to different U.S. exchanges around the country simultaneously.” on August 10, 2001?
10. Did Deutsche purchase UAL options in August 2001?
11. Why did DB-AB purchase 4,744 put options on United Air Lines stock as opposed to only 396 call s on September 6-7? What was the purpose of doing that?
12. What is the connection to Wally Kromgaard?
13. Did Deutsche Bank or Wally Kromgaard purchase 4,516 put options on American Airlines as compared to 748 call options on September 10?
14. What was the reason of Mayo Shattuck III re-assignment on September 15th?


1. When was the last time they met any representatives of the US-Government?
2. What was the purpose of these meetings?
3. Do the Taliban know Karl E. Inderfurth and State Department counterterrorism Chief Michael Sheehan?
4. Do they know which US-Representative said in February 2001: “Either you accept our offer of a carpet of gold, or we bury you under a carpet of bombs”?
5. When was the last time the Taliban was in touch with this representative?
6. Did Abdul Haq, the former Mujahedin leader executed Sept 2001 by the Taliban, decide in winter 2000 to attack the Taliban?
7. Did production of opium in Afghanistan fall from 3276 tonnes in 2000 to 185 tonnes in 2001?


1. Was Global Hawk technology able to remotely control unmanned planes in 1999 for 27 hours?
2. Did Northrop-Grumman use Global Hawk technology in the war in Afghanistan since October 2001?
3. What is the purpose of unmanned technology?
4. Is Northrop in contact with any engineers of Boeing?
5. Did Northrop install Global Hawk technology in a commercial airplane?


1. Did two U.S. carrier battle groups arrive in the Gulf of Arabia just off the Pakistani coast before 9/11?
2. Did 17,000 U.S. troops join more than 23,000 NATO troops in Egypt for Operation ‘Bright Star’ on 9/11? What was the purpose of both of these operations?


1. When did Tommy Franks learn that he would use Thermobarics in Tora Bora?
2. Does he know if it had been tested on December 12 in Nevada?
3. Who told Franks that Bin Laden might hide in Tora Bora?
4. Is the main purpose of Thermobarics to destroy buried bio and chemical stocks?
5. Was Thermobarics developed for the purpose to use one day in Iraq?
6. When was the first time Franks used Thermobarics?
7. Was it before or after the announcement of the end of ABM Treaty on December 11?
8. When did the US decide to use B61-11, the “nuclear version” of its “conventional” BLU-113 counterpart?
9. Why has the NSA destroyed data collected on Americans or US companies since the Sept. 11 attacks?


1. Why did Clinton abort an attack on Bin Laden in October 1999?
2. Who was responsible for that operation?
3. Why was the operation put on hold?
4. Why did Musharraf halt a covert operation to attack Bin Laden in October 1999?
5. Why did the GOP in Congress stop almost every move Clinton made against terrorism? They refused to believe reports and pass necessary legislation. In 1996 Clinton proposed a very extensive anti-terrorism regulation.


1. Who hired Richard Reid to threaten a passenger plane in Paris?
2. Who did he send an email to in Pakistan?
3. Has he ever been in touch with the ISI or CIA?
4. Did he know the difference between an explosive and a detonator?
5. How many ounces did he have in his shoes?
6. What size are his shoes?
7. Who build or prepared his shoes?


1. Has John Walker Lindh ever been in touch with the CIA?
2. Did he ever work for the CIA?
3. Who arrested him in 2001?
4. Why didn’t he escape in the tumult to nearby Masar-e-Sharif?
5. Who hired his lawyer, Richard Brohanan? Who paid his lawyer?
6. Why didn’t he go to Guantanamo Bay?


1. When did Cheney stop working for Halliburton?
2. Is he still in possession of any Halliburton stock?
3. Is he still in contact with Halliburton?
4. Was Halliburton invited to an oil conference in May 2002?
5. Does Cheney know when that meeting was planned?
6. Did Cheney have influence concerning Halliburton contracts with the Pentagon?
7. What exactly did Cheney decide to do on September 11th?
8. Did he speak with an Air Force Commander or Lt. Gen. Charles F. Wald on that day?
9. When did he inform the president about the hijacked airplanes on September 11?
10. Who called the White House on September 11 at 9:30 PM about a possible threat?
11. Why was no air security at the White House or the Pentagon at 9:30 PM?
12. When and who gave the approval to evacuate the White House at 9:45 PM?
13. What was the purpose of a meeting with Indian opposition leader Sonia Gandhi in June 2001 about a multimillion-dollar debt owed to Enron from a major energy project in Indian Power Plants?
14. When was the last time Cheney spoke with anyone from ENRON?


1. What was the role of Colin Powell?
2. Who decided to give $43 million in aid to the Taliban regime in May 2001?
3. Did he know that production of opium in Afghanistan fell from 3276 tonnes in 2000 to 185 in 2001?
4. What was the purpose of his decision to treat the Taliban prisoners as War Prisoners? Is this decision in any way related to media reports 2 days earlier that Powell may have been involved in negotiations with Indian Power Plants?
5. What was the purpose of his short trip to Latin America on September 11?
6. Who decided that he fly to Latin America on that day?
7. Why would someone threaten him in Afghanistan on January 17, 2002 as Newsweek reported?
8. What was the purpose of Powell meeting with India’s foreign minister on April 6, 2001?
9. Did Enron or Cheney ask Powell to help collect a $64 million debt on an Indian plant project?


1. When was the last time George H.W. Bush traveled to South Arabia on behalf of the Carlyle Group?
2. What was the purpose of that meeting?
3. Why was Bush Sr. in Dealy plaza the day Kennedy was assassinated?
4. What connection did Bush Sr. have with the Gulf of Tonkin?


1. Is Thomas White still in contact with ENRON?
2. Did his contact at anytime influence his decisions?
3. Does he still own ENRON stocks?


1. Did Vreeland warn Canadian Intelligence in May 2001 about possible terrorist
attacks on New York and the Pentagon?
2. Did he place the warning in an envelope while in prison in Toronto, Canada?
3. Where did he get his information?
4. Whom did he give the envelope to?
5. Why was he placed in jail?


1. Was the domain created on September 11th, 2000?
2. Who paid for that domain?
3. Are they also owners of Iridium Satellites?
4. When did they end contact with relatives of the Bush family?


1. When was the last time George H.W. Bush traveled to Saudi Arabia on behalf of the privately owned Carlyle Group, the 11th largest defense contractor in the U.S.?
2. What was the purpose of that meeting?
3. When did he resign from Carlyle Group?
4. Is he still in touch with any of their representatives?


1. Did Lander monitor a phone conversation between Zacarias Moussaoui and Richard Reid in Dec. 2000?
2. What did Lander tell representatives of the CIA about Zacarias Moussaoui?
3. Why did he stop monitoring Djamel Beghal, member of Takfir-wal-Hijra (financed by Osama bin Laden) in August 2001?


1. Did Bin Laden in July 2001 enter an American hospital in Dubai?
2. Did he arrive on July 4, 2001 on a flight from Qetta, Pakistan to American Hospital? 3. Was he at the hospital July 4-11, 2001?
4. Did Bernard Koval, CEO of American Hospital, ever speak with Doctor Terry Callaway about that visit?
5. Why did he change his statements about this story not being true and that he “asked around”?
6. What is the difference between Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis and Continuous Cycling Peritoneal Dialysis?
7. Did Koval know Larry Stevens?
8. Can Koval explain why Richard Labeviere, author of “Terror Dollars” (about illegal Al-Qaeda accounts), wrote the story about Osama Bin Laden’s kidney operation?


1. What exactly happened on September 11 and at what time was President Bush informed?
2. Why was President Bush scheduled to visit a school in Florida?
3. Who scheduled the time of the visit?
4. When exactly did Bush learn about the first crash into the WTC?
5. How could he have seen that on TV?
6. Why didn’t he interrupt his school meeting as soon as he learned of the first plane crash?
7. Did Bush ever wonder how Bin Laden was able to hear the first plane crash live on the radio?
8. Which radio station he was listening to?
9. Can Bush explain how Bin Laden’s Home Video was found only two weeks after it was produced?
10. Why did Bush decide to release Bin Laden’s Home Video?
11. What is the purpose of the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHISC) in Fort Benning, Georgia, where terrorists have been trained for undercover agents in South America? Bush stated “if any government sponsors the outlaws and killers of innocents, they have become outlaws and murderers themselves”. So what does he think about Fort Benning?
12. What is the role of Zalmay Khalilzad (former UNOCAL) in the National Security Council?
13. What is the current role of Zalmay Khalilzad (former UNOCAL) in Afghanistan?
14. When was Bush’s last contact with anyone from ENRON?
15. Why was China admitted to the WTO on September 13 after 15 years of unsuccessful attempts?
16. Why did Bush postpone the release of Ronald Reagan’s records?
17. How does Bush feel about the need to investigate the CIA’s mistakes?
18. Does Bush agree with senators John McCain, Joseph I. Lieberman, Porter J. Goss, former C.I.A. clandestine case officer and a Florida Republican, Richard C. Shelby and Ron Paul, US Congressman, who want an investigation and have said “Secret government is winning out over open government”?
19. Did he know before he left his hotel that morning on the way to the school that the 1st tower had been hit? ABC news reported that morning that he was asked by reporters if he was aware of events in NYC and he answered yes. If so, why did he later say he first heard of it was when he was at the school?
20. Why did Bush continue to sit in that classroom reading to children when he should have been conferring with his advisors?
21. Why did Bush say that he and Card initially thought it was an accident involving a small plane?
22. Given all the information sources available to the POTUS and his staff how could his people not have known the kind of plane involved?
23. Why didn’t they know at this point, as did the FAA and NORAD, that aircraft were hijacked? The Battalion Chief in the 9/11 video was seen and heard asking for military backup immediately after the building was hit.
24. How come the NYFD knew it was terrorism right away but the POTUS and his aides just calmly went about their business?


1. Were 25,000 British troops and the largest British Armada since the Falkland Islands War, part of Operation ‘Essential Harvest’ pre-positioned in Oman, the closest point on the Arabian Peninsula to Pakistan before September 11, 2001?
2. When did he begin to place SIS-Special Forces in Afghanistan? Why?
3. Is Tony Blair a bi-sexual?


1. Did Gloria Irish own unit 1504 at the Delray Racquet Club, 755 Dotterel?
2. Did she rent that property to Hamza Alghamdi in August 2001?
3. Why did the media not report about a connection of the Sun-Sentinel and the hijackers?
4. Why did it first appear that the hijackers had something to do with the anthrax attacks?
5. Why has this connection or coincidence never appeared in the media again?
6. What was the connection between husband Michael Irish (Sun Sentinel) and Bob Stevens (who died from Anthrax)?


1. When did Vladimir Putin warn the CIA about a possible terrorist attack and what was their reaction?
2. What was the purpose of the meeting between Christina Rocca, director of Asian affairs at the State Department and the Taliban ambassador Mollah Abdul Salam Zaeef in Islamabad in August 2001?
3. Why did she oversee the delivery of Stinger missiles in the 80s to Afghan mujaheddin?
4. Did Walid Arkeh in Seminole County jail inform the FBI in August 2001 about an attack on America? What was the reaction of the FBI?
5. Why did Dr. Jeffrey Starr, U.S. department of defense, visit Tajikistan in Jan 2001?
6. When did Jean-Claude Cousseran, Director DGSE, and French Secret Service inform the CIA about terrorist attacks on America? What was their reaction?
7. What does he know about the monitoring of Djamel Beghal, member of Takfir-wal-Hijra (financed by Osama bin Laden) and Kamel Daoudi? Did he ever inform the CIA about that? And when?
8. When did Italian Deputy Prime Minister Gianfranco Fini inform the CIA about a possible attack on the American president “with the use of an airplane”? What was their reaction?
9. When did President Mubarak, Egypt, inform the CIA about a possible attack on America with an “airplane stuffed with explosives”? What was their reaction?
10. When did Efraim Halevy, Director of Mossad since 1998 (unconfirmed) inform the CIA about a possible attack with “200 terrorists” on America? What was their reaction?
11. Is it true he warned Ariel Sharon not to travel to New York on September 11 to speak at a festival?
12. Did a caller to Loxley Banks, Director Radio Cayman Islands talk show, give several warnings of an imminent attack on the U.S on Sept. 3 -10?
13. The London Times reported that someone from the FAA warned Salman Rushdie not to travel to the United States on September 3rd? If this is true, who was it?
14. Did the FBI investigate the two men who met Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi in Harry’s Bar at the Helmsley Hotel in Manhattan on September 8, 2001?
15. Who does Abdullah Abdullah (Northern Alliance) believe killed Commander Ahmad Shah Massoud on September 9, 2001?
16. When and why did he decide to attack Kabul on September 11 at 5:30 PM?
17. When did he decide to invade Masar-i-Scharif?
18. Did the CIA help him provoke a tumult?
19. Did he ever meet John Walker Lindh?
20. Why was Major John Kenny, Commander Wright Patterson Air Base, Dayton placedon high alert on September 10? Did he inform companies in Dayton to shutdown their offices?
21. Why was Colonel William M. Dietrich, Commander Defense Language Institute in Garrison, Monterey on high alert on September 10?
22. Why did one of Kenneth (Ken) Weinbrecht (President SAMS) executives say on September 10, that he was a Wildcard? Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target US forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act.'”
23. Did Jean-Louis Bruguiere, French anti-terrorism, inform the CIA on September 10 about a possible terrorist attack? If so, what was their reaction?
24. Why did Atta and hijacker Abdulaziz Alomari checke into a Portland, Maine motel (unidentified) on September 10?
25. Why was the Portland, Airport, according to eye-witnesses, in full charge of more military officials and soldiers than usual, weeks before September 11, 2001?
26. Why, as the San Francisco Chronicle reported, was Mayor Brown warned to be “cautious in your travel” the night of September 10? Who warned him?
27. Why did Alex Diamandis, Odigo Vice President of Sales and Marketing, receive a warning on his messenger service about a possible attack on America on September 11, 2001? At which time?
28. When did Dr. August Hanning, President BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst Germany) inform the CIA that “Middle Eastern terrorists are ‘planning to hijack commercial aircraft?” What was their reaction? Did he allow an Iranian prisoner in Hamburg call to the CIA in summer 2001 about an attack on America? What was their reaction?


1. Why did Kenneth Waldie, Stanley Hall, Herbert Homer and Peter Gay of Raytheon travel on Sept. 11?
2. Can Global Hawk technology be used for at least 27 hours?
3. Is Global Hawk technology used in commercial airplanes?
4. Did Danielle O’Brien, air traffic controller, inform another air traffic control center about a plane traveling fast southwest of Dulles after spotting it 8:18 AM on September 11?
5. Who was informed and what happened?


1. Why didn’t Dr. James G. Roche, Secretary of the Air Force try to reach the airplanes in NYC (7 minutes time for McGuire AFB in New Jersey ) and at the Pentagon (10 minutes time)?
2. Did Roche ever try to shutdown the plane in Pennsylvania?
3. Can Roche explain why magazines of that plane were found 20 miles away from the crash? Andrews AFB is 13 miles away. He had one hour and fifteen minutes to respond to the plane that hit the Pentagon. What happened during that time?
4. Can he explain why many ear- and eye witnesses, including workers of the road construction company New Enterprise saw or heard F-16 jets?
5. Why did President Bush say only one week later that he tried to shutdown that plane?
6. Who gave that decision?


1. Why did George Bush leave Barksdale Air Force Base aboard Air Force One and flew to an Air Force base in Nebraska on 1:48 PM on September 11 and returned to Washington at 4:30 PM?
2. What exactly did Donald Rumsfeld do that day before he arrived at the Pentagon around 3:55 PM?
3. How did Rumsfeld know at 5:30 PM on September 11 that the plane in Pennsylvania could have been headed for one of three possible targets: Camp David, the White House or the U.S. Capitol building?
4. Can he explain why early media reports told us that no squadrons of combat-ready fighter jets have been at Andrews and later changed their reports that they haven’t been on high alert only?
5. Why was Air Force Lt. Col. Vic Warzinski, another Pentagon spokesman, so sure on September 11 that aircraft was coming your way?
6. What did the D.C. Air National Guard in Washington do on September 11?
7. Can he explain what those 3 fighters did from 9:40AM until 9:55AM when they finally turned towards Flight 93 and were 60 miles out at 10:06am?
8. Can he explain why Air Traffic Controllers in a Nashua Telegraph article did report an F-16 was circling Flight 93 and was in visual range at the time of crash?
9. Can he confirm a witness report that National Guard F-16’s have been at Hancock field in Syracuse NY in the air early that morning before 9AM?
10. How could the hijackers know how to disable defense systems?
11. What was the official reason that fighters of the 305th Air Wing, McGuire Air Force Base, NJ did not intercept the 2nd hijacked plane in NYC? This would have been possible within 7 minutes after 8:48 AM
12. Why did none of the 459th Aircraft Squadron (Andrews AFB) fighters intercept the plane which crashed into the Pentagon? Andrews AFB is 10 miles from Washington DC.
13. Col. Ken McClellan, Air Force spokesman said on September 11, that Mohammad Atta attended the International Officer’s School at Maxwell/Gunter Air Force Base in Montgomery, and was seen by eye-witnesses? What was McClellan doing there? Why did he later deny the report?
14. Why did he decide not to shutdown ECHELON base Bad Aibling in Germany as planned for 2002?
15. What is the reason that none of any Air Force fighters reached the hijacked plane in time?
16. Many eye- and witnesses think that the plane in Pennsylvania was shot down. What is the scientific explanation why the magazine of the airplane was found many miles away?
17. Why did Jack Kelly, idefense.com, inform USA Today only 12 minutes after the first crash (8:48AM) that terror groups using Web encryption may have been responsible? And why was he so sure before the second crash at 9:03 PM?
18. Did Kelly serve with the U.S. government where he managed several significant programs for the information warfare and intelligence communities?
19. Did Joseph J. Esposito, Chief of NYPD try to contact the Pentagon at 9:06 AM on September 11? What was their reaction?
10. Why didn’t General Elwood “Pete” Quesada of the FAA inform President Bush between 8:15 and 9:05 about four simultaneously hijacked planes? Who did he inform and what was their reaction?


1. What does Nicholas Scoppetta of FDNY know about the latest reports of the WTC destruction?
2. Can he explain why many witnesses saw and heard more than two explosions in the WTC?
3. Can he explain why both Twin Towers and Building 7 collapsed in that way?
4. Can he explain why a gas tank was in Building 7?
5. Can he explain why there were no passengers in the subway under the WTC?
6. Can he explain why there was no guard at the gold reservoir under the WTC?
7. Why did Dr. Jeffrey P. Koplan, Director CDC prepare, as CNN reported, emergency-response teams on September 11 at 11:16 PM?


1. When did Dr. August Hanning, President BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst Germany) inform the CIA that “Middle Eastern terrorists are ‘planning to hijack commercial aircraft?” What was their reaction? Did he allow an Iranian prisoner in Hamburg call to the CIA in summer 2001 about an attack on America? What was their reaction?
2. When did Tayseer Allouni, Kabul correspondent Al-Jazeera, receive his first video from Bin Laden? Can he explain why the first video on October 7 2001, the day of the retaliation, looked like it was recorded in the morning?
3. Did Tom Simmons (former U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan), Karl Inderfurth (former Assistant Secretary of State for South Asian affairs) and Lee Coldren (former State Department expert on South Asia) decide or announce in a July 2001 meeting that an attack was planned on the Taliban in October 2001?
4. Why did Ms. Barbara Bodine, US ambassador to Yemen stop John O’Neill from investigating Al-Qaeda accounts in July 2001?
5. Did Niaz Niak, former Pakistani Foreign Secretary say in mid July 2001 that the USA planned military action against Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban?
6. Did Hameed Gul, retired Pakistani general of Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence, say that a secret service was involved in the attack on America?
7. Why did Tommy Thompson, The Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, and other Bush cabinet members meet secretly (i.e. illegally) in Oct. 2001 with officials of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) to develop plans for their Emergency Preparedness Task Force? Why did he decide on October 25, 2001 to ask Congress for another $500 million to produce Acambis’s smallpox vaccine?
8. Why did it take 4.5 hours until Jean Marie Malecki, Director Palm Beach County Health Department, picked up the phone for employees of the AMI-Building, Boca Raton? This is where editor Bob Stevens got anthrax. Why did she wait two days before she visited that building again?
9. Why did Mayor Guilani sell WTC rubble to India for recycling and also China? Who made that decision?
10. What was the purpose of U.S. Ambassador Wendy Chamberlain’s phone call on October 10, 2001 to the Pakistani oil minister? Why was she sure that a previously abandoned Unocal pipeline from Turkmenistan across Afghanistan to the Pakistani coast for the purpose of selling oil and gas to China, was back on the table in view of recent geopolitical developments?
11. What exactly was found on Z. Moussaoui’s computer after 9/11, when local agents were given a Federal Intelligence Security Act (FISA) warrant, which they had requested six weeks previously? This ties directly into the question of the administration’s dealings with the Taliban, its reluctance to investigate Saudi nationals, etc.
12. Why the attack on Cynthia McKinney for asking: 1) why has there been no investigation of the 9-11 attack? and 2) did Bush/CIA/NSA know of it beforehand, and allow it to happen?
13. Why is the Bush administration so strongly against a real investigation into the events of 9-11?
14. Why did the US give 43 million dollars to Afghanistan back in May or June of 2001? 15. Why did Bush toss the Hart-Rudman terror security study (developed over a 2 year period) and instead assign responsibility to Cheney and FEMA?
16. Why did Ashcroft stops flying commercial, citing an unidentified “threat” in July 2001? Why did the FBI and Justice not identify the form, origin and time of the threat?
17. Why did Bush stay in Texas for the month of August and Cheney in Wyoming?
18. Why no photos or videos of the Pentagon plane? And there’s not a single credible frame of film or second of video of this? Also, why hasn’t a similar flight path graphic ever been published?
19. Why didn’t the Secret Service hustle Dubya out of the classroom a half-second after Andy Card told him, “Mr. President, the nation is under attack”?
20. Why did they leave him exposed to danger for two and a half minutes in the classroom and another half-hour in the school before he returned to the relative safety of Air Force One?
21. Where was George H. W. Bush at the time of the attacks?
22. Why did passengers or crewmembers on three of the flights tell people on the ground that the hijackers had “box cutters”?
23. Where are the flight recorders?
24. How did they find a passport that just “happens” to belong to one of the hijackers in the WTC rubble and they can’t locate even ONE flight recorder?
25. Why no investigative reporting of the Pentagon scene? The photos do not show much, but then photographers were not allowed, initially, to photograph the scene, if I remember correctly.
26. Why was the series of recommendations Al Gore also put together in 1996 on airport security called by Republican congress “paranoid” and too harsh. Why did the airline industry, lobbying against it, consider it too expensive and impractical?
27. Why was the Hart-Rudman report on the potential dangers of terrorism in the homeland? The results of the research ignored by Bush?
28. Why were FISA warrants disallowed by Bush?
29. Why did the US pull the plug on Muslim websites Monday September 10, 2001?
30. Why did the Saudi bin-Laden-group have a website with a PRE-SET expiration date of Sept. 11, 2001?
31. Why were the bin Ladens flown out of the U.S. on private jets the day after the 9/11?
32. Why did Cheney say that everyone in the White House started taking Cipro on September 12 when the first anthrax letter wasn’t postmarked until September 18?
33. Why did Bush dissolve the Bin Laden Task Force? What would have happened had this focused and knowledgeable group been in place 9 months before 911?
34. Why was metallic debris found 8 miles from the crash site of the plane that went down in Penn? They said it went straight down and left a small hole in the ground. If they found metallic debris from the plane 8 miles away it was either shot down or a bomb exploded in the plane.
35. Why did they not let the media or any reporters take video or photos of the crash site?

Mad As Hell – Dylan Ratigan

Direct Link to Video

Dylan Ratigan joined by  Susan del Percio, Jimmy WIlliams and Karen Finney.

From 1:50
DR: Susan, is there any way that any president or any congressmen can intervene with the problem that we have right now . . . in this political system can a leader address these issue considering how dependent they are for funding for political campaigns from the banks, from the international trade organizations and from those who benefit from those tax loopholes that he or she would have to close.

SP: . . . it isn’t going to come from congress, it’s not going to come from an individual congress member of house of representative or US senator.  . . . Who does it fall on?  If falls on the executive. It falls on the president.  . . . since refusing to even say where he stood on the public option when he came into elected office has not lead this country. . . but he has been a complete and utter failure and disappointment to this country.

KF: Wait a second, it is congress who holds the power of the purse and I am going to get back to Dylan’s question, this president was willing to put on the table a big deal and who didn’t get the votes, John Boehner, Congress.

DR: What are you talking about?  Four trillion dollars.  We owe 70 trillion dollars . . . walking out a four trillion dollar solution which is basically just a way to get the democrats to avoid dealing with this until 2017.  I am not here to talk about plans to talk about this till 2017, I am saying we have got a real problem and I am tired of republicans and democrats who either want – republicans who want to burn the place to the ground and democrats . . . who want to offer a plan that gets it through the end of their second term of their presidency and then screws me and my kids when it’s over.  And until we do that we have to deal with the extraction that is at foot.  It is the reason the financial markets are behaving the way they are behaving.  That is a mathematical fact.  This is not some opinion.  This is a mathematical fact.  Tens of trillions of dollars are being extracted from the United States of America.  Democrats aren’t doing it, Republicans aren’t doing it.  An entire integrated system; financial system, trading system, taxing system that was created by both parties over a period of two decades is at work on our entire country right now.  And we’re sitting here arguing about whether or not we should do the four trillion dollar plan that kicks the can down the road for the president for 2017 or the burn the place to the ground.  Both of which are reckless, irresponsible and stupid.  And the fact of the matter is until we actually . . . and i am sorry to lose my temper . . . I have been coming on TV for three years doing this and the fact of the matter is there is a refusal on both the democratic and republican side of isle to acknowledge the mathematical problem which is the USA is being extracted.  It’s being extracted through banking.  It’s being extracted through trade.  And it’s being extracted trough taxation.  And there’s not a single politician that has stepped forward, Susan, to deal with it.

SP: . . . the president of the United States is arguably one of the most powerful individuals we have out there . . .

KF: Susan, what you are saying is exactly the point that Dylan is making.  It’s not about one guy, it’s about all of them . . .

SP: No, I actually disagree.  I think Dylan is saying it is about one guy . . .

KF: What is one guy going to do?

DR: I agree with her (Susan).  It is about one guy.

KF: What would you like him to do?  Tell me what you want him to do?

DR: I would like him to go to the people of the USA and say, people of the USA, your congress is bought.  Your congress is incapable of making legislation on healthcare, banking, trade or taxes.  Because if they do it they will lose their political funding and they won’t do it.  But I am the president of the USA and I won’t have a country that is run by a bought congress so I am not going to work with a bought congress and try to be mister big guy “I’m working with a bought congress”, I am going to abandon the bought congress like Teddy Roosevelt did and I am gonna to go to the people of the United States and say “you’ve got a bought congress” and until we get rid of the bought congress which is Jimmy Williams constant point which is get the money out of politics.  And until the president says that’s the problem and says he is going to fix it there is no policy that I can possibly see no matter how brilliant your idea might be or your idea or my idea or her idea or your idea at home . . . that idea will not happen as long as there is the capacity to basically fire a politician who disagrees with me by taking funding away from him.  Is that a fair assessment?

JW: Money in politics is the root of all political evil.  It is corruption at its worst.  And until we step up and kick that out of the park it’s going to be the same system all the way.

DR: And only the president can do that.

JW: No, no, no, congress has to do it too.

DR: But I will tell you what – How bad does it have to get?  How much money has to be extracted?  How many things have to be hurt?

KF: . . . ok, physically what do you do?

DR: You go and give a speech, right now.  Tomorrow you begin the process of actually investing and solving the problem.  . . . I create an infrastructure bank with 2 percent lending, immediately.  Once I explain to people the problem – Once I explain to you that you have cancer – Once you understand how screwed up your trade, tax and banking policies are believe me you will have no issue when I incorporate an infrastructure bank that I fund with repatriated offshore money that I bring in and then use to create 2 percent direct lending to every business in America – Because when you realize that the banking system is fully corrupt and defrauding us and I come out and say that which is what I want my president to do.  At that exact moment I say “you know what, we got a screwed up situation here people, you all know it and now I am going to admit it.  As a result not only have I admitted it but we’re going to begin the process of solving it like grown-ups.  They did it world war two, they did it after the civil war, they did in Latin America with the Brady Bonds, we are not seeing it happen now.

What War on Terror?

Who Voted for the Patriot Act??
http://1.usa.gov/muyrSP – reauthorize the patriot act 2011
http://bit.ly/luocqF – voted for the patriot act 2001 and 2006

Enabling Act of 1933 vs. US Patriot Act 2001

http://bit.ly/lEqxVo – US Pat Act vs Hitler Enabling Act
http://bit.ly/mOW9RV – The Judge: Natural Rights and Pat Act

Government Could Have Prevented 9/11 without Patriot Act

http://bit.ly/iS3Ono – Fox News: Secrets of 9/11
http://bit.ly/lndCEP – Complete 9/11 Timeline
http://bit.ly/izTe1n – Reason Mag and Harry Samit
http://bbc.in/kmz3xV – BBC and Harry Samit

Congressional Hearing on the TSA Oversight and Whole Body Imaging

http://1.usa.gov/mcd2mo – TSA Oversight Part 1: Whole Body Imaging

US Was Warned about the Underwear Bomber

http://thetim.es/ivSSSa – Warned about Underwear bomber
http://abcn.ws/jVPdJb – Missed Underwear bomber
http://exm.nr/kzvy2N – Napolitano admits US knew Underwear bomber


The patriot act of 2001 resembles the enabling act of 1933.  Most people will be surprised that the enabling act of 1933 was enacted by the third reich in nazi germany and not in america.  for the people who would still support the patriot act after all we know about the integrity of today’s politicians i will go over many reasons why the patriot act has nothing to do with terrorism.  If interested in hearing more [ on the similarities of the Patriot Act and Enabling Act you should follow the links here that are also below the video.

http://bit.ly/lEqxVo – US Pat Act vs Hitler Enabling Act
http://bit.ly/mOW9RV – The Judge: Natural Rights and Pat Act

The concept of war on terror is fallacious.  Anyone can be a terrorist.  the biggest fear tactic in recent history is the ‘war on terror’.  this can be re-worded as the war on being scared and can be related to similar tactics.  Any Russian with a computer seems to use spam for marketing.  This well known parent, Jenny McCarthy uses time-outs when previously she was a playboy playmate and talk show host.  Before steroids Mark and Jose might have bunted between hitting home runs.  On his way to millionaire status this man probably had to make some cold calls to raise money and sell his ideas.  Here is a former Berkeley professor who turned terrorist and became known as the unibomber.  A former patriot who was in desert storm was out for revenge against the US government in 1993 for the government’s massacre in Waco TX.  What about this well educated doctor who practiced medicine throughout the 80s became al qaeda’s number 2 in command in the 90s.  And finally, over medicated nerdy white kids turn to terrorism in 1999.  Yes, even though they didn’t use a bomb or praise Allah, they are terrorists.  The bottom line is a tactic can be adopted and implemented by anyone with little or no training.

Another aspect in recent history to realize ‘war on terror’ is false is the open border policy the US shares with Mexico.  There are supposedly two wars going on around the US/Mexico boarder; the war on terror and the war on drugs.  The war on drugs is another topic regarding lies and perpetual war.  Why is it that the border can’t be secured?  Israel has a secure border, North Korea secures it’s border, Soviet Russia was able to keep people within the walls of Berlin for about 30 years.  Even the Minutemen Project who are a national citizens neighborhood watch had success in decreasing drug trafficking on the parts of the border where they were located.  I am not making an argument for secure borders, I am making an argument that during any war on terror or even the perpetual war on drugs the border where the most illegal trafficking happens is the border that should be most secure.  The border from Sept 11, 2001 to now has never been secured as though there was any security threat.  After sept 11 2001 the airports were closed, all fights canceled, border check points were closed but nothing was done to increase security on the border.  The people and the precious drugs still flowed as free as they did before.  You would think that to make it look good right after 9/11 president bush would have militarized the borders and would have probably shot on sight anyone attempting to cross just like fight 93 or any other hijacked plane would have been shot down before it would be allowed to hit it’s target.  Then I would imagine the borders would go back to normal when the military was sent to invade iraq 2003.  We didn’t have secure borders because we never had a war on terrorism.  How can DHS have numbers of apprehended foreign nationals in these numbers if we are constantly under the threat of terrorism?  Keep in mind the operative word is apprehended.  How many more are never caught?

The past 10 years is another place to find evidence that the war on terror is simply a tactic used by the government to justify trampling the constitution, civil liberties and the american way of life.

Most recently there is the body scanners and TSA pat downs.  The most recent government accountability office reports that the scanners fail more than not and congressman mica on 3/16/2011 had a hearing on this fact. (audio).  If the GAO has tested these body scanners to show they fail more than are accurate why are the american people subjected to this form of treatment?

http://1.usa.gov/mcd2mo – TSA Oversight Part 1: Whole Body Imaging

The underwear bomber was allowed to get on the plane.  There was many warnings about this guy from his own father and he was already on the terrorist watch list.  So how could someone on the terror watch list get on any international flight?

More recently than that fox news ran a program called ‘The Secrets of 9/11’ on 5/20/2011 revealing many points where the US government knew about most of the hijackers and failed to push and follow up on the leads they had.  The US just didn’t pursue the intel they had.  There wasn’t any patriot act at the time and they had all they needed to investigate and very likely stop the 9/11 attacks.  There was also knowledge of the threat of a terrorist attack in the fbi.  just do a search for Harry Samit.    See all links below to find references to see how the US government had all they needed without the patriot act to investigate all known terrorist in the US.  There is even a complete timeline showing how the US had followed or initiated the organization of terrorist groups in the world.

http://bit.ly/lndCEP – complete 9/11 timeline

http://thetim.es/ivSSSa – Warned about Underwear bomber

http://abcn.ws/jVPdJb – Missed Underwear bomber

http://exm.nr/kzvy2N – Napolitano admits US knew Underwear bomber

http://bit.ly/iS3Ono – Fox News: Secrets of 9/11

http://bbc.in/kmz3xV – BBC and Harry Samit

http://bit.ly/izTe1n – Reason Mag and Harry Samit

The point has been to get the american people used to government intrusion.  Where the full intentions of the US government might end up is secure the internet, full body scanners for airport, bus and train stations, Europe style CCTV, in other words, cameras everywhere.  The only sect of the population against such intrusion are some moderate liberals and libertarians.  Republicans seem to be more interested in protecting george bush’s legacy rather than admitting his presidency was an absolute failure.  Unfortunately the liberals who had regular protests against George Bush have gone silent now that Barrack Obama is president.

In order to keep the US a free society is to put your vote behind anyone who is committed to the US constitution.  You will hear the people worth voting for use the constitution in their arguments and reasoning when voting against most democrats social agenda or the republicans need for securing a police state.

While you wait to hear from these people please read up by starting with the links below.

http://1.usa.gov/muyrSP – reauthorize the patriot act 2011

http://bit.ly/luocqF – voted for the patriot act 2001 and 2006

Obama heads-up UN Security Council

This is just a quick post about Obama taking on the head role in the UN security council this month.  Being a former instructor of constitutional law he must know that since he is president of the US he is not eligible to fill this position.

The concept ‘the ends justify the means’ is very popular among politicians these days.  In this case the ends are the global agreement about what to do with left-over nuclear weapons and the sale of ‘yet to be manufactured’ nuclear weapons.  The means is bending the limits of the constitution to settle the nuclear problem himself.

====Article 1, Section 9====
No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince or foreign State.

If all goes well globally i am sure this will make him look like a hero and at home some people will ridicule him for not upholding his oath to preserve and protect the constitution after they are done with other politicians who passed national healthcare and the patriot act which go a lot further in breaking constitutional law.

CNN Post

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